Using RBenv for Ruby Version Management Cheatsheet

 Oct 2019

Ruby versions on your development machine need to be carefully managed so you can work on different projects with the right ruby version.

With Rbenv, that’s easy.


brew install rbenv
rbenv init
benv install

Working with versions

When you want to do something a few months later…

brew upgrade rbenv ruby-build

List all the versions available (in the internet, not just your machine)

 rbenv install -l

List all the local ruby versions known

 rbenv versions  

Show current version

 rbenv version     

To install a version l

 rbenv install 2.6.5

Set the global (overrideable ruby version)

 rbenv global 2.6.5

Set a ruby version for the current directory

 rbenv local 2.5.0

Refresh Rbenv after changes

 rbenv rehash

And that’s it! you have control over your rubies and can work on old rails apps, new rails apps, Middleman and Jekyll sites etc to your hearts content.

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