Client: PUCTTO
Project: Embeddable Web Application


  • RubyOnRails Build
  • React.js Build
  • Sass/CSS
  • Web Design
  • UX & Usability Design

PUCTTO is a Brisbane based fashion startup that allows Retailers to embed a virtual changing room into their online stores. Shoppers can upload their images and "try on" outfits and share them with their friends.

We built the embeddable app as a React.js app which talks to the main RubyOnRails website via it's API.

The Rails app powers a management console for the PUCTTO staff, an admin interface for Retailers and a similar admin interface that can be installed as a shopify APP for a seamless integration.

The site takes subscription payments via either Stripe or Shopify's own payment system.

Puctto app Puctto share screen Puctto dash Puctto poses Puctto shopify app dash Puctto shopify app edit product Puctto shopify app installatior