AWS CLI For People Used to Better Things Cheatsheet

 May 2022

AWS sucks, but we all have to deal with the beast sometimes. Here is a Cheatsheet to get basic stuff done so you can go have more breakfasts.

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Easy Sortable Lists with Rails

 Nov 2019

Rails makes it easy to implement simple, common features very quickly. Ordering items in a list using an intuitive drag-drop interface? Easy Peasy!

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Rich Text with Trix and Action Text on Rails

 Nov 2019

Add a rich text area where users can enter formatted content using a simple text-editor interface. ActionText bundles the Trix editor tightly with rails for a great user experience.

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Date And Time Formats With Rails

  Ruby   Rails  
 Nov 2019

Date and DateTime formatting is even better with Rails 6. Find out how to set formats for your app and for different locales.

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Using RBenv for Ruby Version Management Cheatsheet

 Oct 2019

Ruby versions on your development machine need to be carefully managed so you can work on different projects with the right ruby version.

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