Ruby On Rails Geographical Tools

  Ruby   Rails   GIS  
 Aug 2019

There are some really useful gems that make rails a great environment to build geo-aware applications.

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Testing With Rails ActiveStorage

 Aug 2019

Rails ActiveStorage system is very nice. It standardises uploads, so going forward you will want to be able to write tests that take it into account.

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Setting up Web Hosting with Ubuntu and Apache

 Jun 2019

Setting up hosting on a linux VPS with Ubuntu and apache is not too hard, as long as you stay on the path.

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Switching To Middleman

  CMS   Ruby   Blogging  
 Mar 2016 is a Ruby based static site generator. It is incredibly flexible, allowing the designer to use any of the ruby based templating languages, HTML or Markdown to build a site & content. Easy to set up, work with, source control and deploy it uses all the shortcuts and tools in modern web development. It is really very nice.

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Rails UJS for Forms

 Dec 2015

JS frameworks are fun, but for most apps a sprinkling of JavaScript and Rails RJS gets a lot done, it's simple to use and easy to maintain.

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