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Installing (and Fixing) Node, NPM and maybe Grunt on OSX

 Dec 2015

Problems with Node? It’s not uncommon.

So, have you got the latest version?

node -v
npm -v

OK, that’s not good. Even if you have newish versions though and you can’t get it working it’s often best just to start from scratch.


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Static Site on s3 With Cloudflare

  hosting   dns  
 Dec 2015

If you want to set up a simple static site, amazon’s s3 service is a great choice. S3 is simple to use, reliable and very very cheap. Ideal for simple html sites you have made by hand or more complicated sites generated using Middleman or another...

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How to Clear DNS for OSX

  learning   terminal  
 Sep 2015

You made a change to your DNS. You wanna test it. Is it workin?

To clear the DNS, do this:

sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

then go to chrome://net-internals/#dns and click the clear host cache button

Check the results with this:

whois example...

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Intro to Ruby Regular Expressions

  ruby   notes  
 May 2015

Regular Expressions are used to match patterns to strings. They are super powerful and very scary. If you use them badly your code can become totally un-maintainbale and confusing. When the time is right and used wisely they are great.

Be careful...

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Getting Started with Terminal

 Jan 2015

<3 Your Terminal

Is terminal in your Doc? do you use it? If not you are missing out as a web professional. Learning a few commands, or at least being aware of what to look up, makes you more productive and confident on your own (Linux or OSX) machine...

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